Invite people and track shared expenses

Invite some people to a shared bill, and track your expenses together. Perfect for trips with friends or with roommates.

Everyone in the group can add their expenses and choose who's included. No need to collect a bunch of receipts.

Track expenses on the go with our apps

Easily add expenses on the bus, in a restaurant or on the beach with our app for iOS. Just add the expense and throw away the receipt.

Offline on a trip? Our app seamlessly sync the stuff you add on the move when you get back online.

Splitabill for iPhone

Easily settle the bill

Splitabill calculates the easiest way to settle the bill, keeping track of who paid and who's included on what.

We'll keep everyone up to date and send friendly reminders to the people who haven't paid. No more having to awkwardly remind friends to pay up.

Keep track of multiple bills

Splitabill keeps a balance across multiple bills, and allows you to settle your debts with people across different events and trips.